• "It gives you energy to love the whole world and makes you happy.
  • Sunshine is so bright that it can scare away all thunder and lightning in my life."
  • "It means that I can be loved and have warm feelings."
  • "It's ok if my mommy and daddy fight over the checkbook-they will get their sunshine back-- and so will I."
  • "I'm not having bad dreams anymore."
  • "I can have whole sunshine now at both of my parents' house.
  • I use to have to split my sunshine between them and it didn't leave any left over for me."
  • "I know that my sun can shine over the whole world and that's a good thing."

  • "...My son is having a hard time with all the hurdles he is facing. His father is not a part of his life and although he doesn't know him, he still misses having a father. He sometimes blames himself for things that have happened in his life, and this book will help him understand that he is not the cause of this."


  • "I want to say thanks and we really love the book...after getting the chance to read it myself, I can't tell you how overwhelmed I was...The book is just great and covers a topic that is vitally important to all children."

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