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Summer 2003 - Volume 6, No. 2 article, "IPSO FACTO... The Sun Shines On", the "Court Column", a news publication serving the state of Louisiana.

IPSO FACTO... The Sun Shines On

When sitting as a district court judge, Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Catherine D. Kitty Kimball presided over family matters where all too often she saw children who never seemed to hear a kind word. It was my dream to find a way to bring that kind word to each and every Louisiana child. In 1998 her dream came true in the form of a book entitled You Are Sunshine, authored by her friend, psychotherapist Shirley Porter and brightly illustrated by Lisa Homan-Conger. You Are Sunshine is written to address issues that affect young children's self-esteem and while it is designed to be read to children, it also contains information on ways parents and caregivers can build a child's self-concept.


book4-3_smallIn 1998, there were originally 18,000 copies of You Are Sunshine in print. The long term goal was to print and distribute 160,000 copies of the book to Louisiana four and five year olds. Five years later, the You Are Sunshine Foundation, Inc. has printed and given away 300,000 books. The distribution books has been a project adopted by the Louisiana National Guard. Uniformed guardsman visit classrooms across the state to read Sunshine to the children and to give copies away. Recently 5000 copies of a French language edition of You Are Sunshine were created children in Acadiana's French emersion classrooms. The next place You Are Sunshine is likely to pop up is at the Governor's Mansion.... Sunshine Garden is planned for the grounds in recognition of the book and its very important message. For more information about Sunshine Foundation, Inc. contact Shirley Porter at (225)751-5800 or visit the web site at

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