Excerpts from the September 24th, 1998 front page article, "Louisiana's First Lady - Foster's message to children: self-esteem". American Press is a daily news publication serving Lake Charles, LA.

"Foster's message to children: self-esteem"

Louisiana's First Lady Alice Foster and author Shirley Porter promoted Wednesday the premiere of "You Are Sunshine," a children's book designed to reinforce self-esteem and self-worth.
Kindergartners piled on and gathered around Foster's lap as she read the book at the Children's Museum during Miss Alice's Storytime.

The book is not yet available in commercial bookstores.
"We have not put it in... bookstores yet because we wanted to begin the process of giving the book away, and we wanted to be sure that people understand that it's not a commercial venture," Porter said. "Every penny of profit that we get from selling books will go to buy more books for more children."

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